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Warnung/warning/mis en garde/Diffida/Advertencia/ostrzezenie



Dear users of geba key switches,



This is to inform you that we have seized Chinese pirated copies of our switches at some booths at 2018 R+T trade fair.


It primarily concerns our MS-APZ series (see pictures)




Not only do they


-  violate our European patents


-  their use can also be life-threatening.



The Chinese copies are distributed by a British company, among others. We are also aware of sources from Hungary and Poland.


Some of the companies are known to us by name and will have to face legal action in case of further infringement of our property rights.




These Chinese copies do not in any way comply with VDE or British Standard (BS) regulations or bear their test seals. Due to non-compliance with the low-voltage regulations, actuation of these switches can lead to life-threatening conditions and fatal accidents.


Furthermore, the gate may be unintentionally actuated without human intervention in the event of a double ground fault.




Improper design of the electrical contacts can lead to fire hazard!


The placing on the market infringes our European patents. We will take action against the violation by all means at our disposal.




geba is not liable for any damage, especially physical damage, caused by the Chinese copies.


We would like to point out that the copies look very similar to our products. But only original geba products can guarantee the quality and safety you are accustomed to.

We would appreciate if you could notify us in case such duplicates are offered to you.




GEBA GmbH Germany